Ready to write and deliver a GREAT speech?

Turn your story and expertise into a speech that draws in the perfect clients to work with you.

Whether you’re a newcomer to the online world or ready to take your business to the next level with less hustle and more ease, I’ve got ya and my 1:1 mentorship might be the support you need to grow and reach your goals faster while impact audience across the globe.

What can working with a public speaking coach do for you?

You might be speaking to an industry meeting, the board of directors or a packed Zoom room, Laurie-Ann will help you write and deliver a concise presentation that has your audience leaning in and listening to your very last word.

You'll also learn how to:

  • Storytelling techniques to engage the audience

  • Communicate with confidence and command attention

  • Incorporate your personality into your speech and be unforgettable

  • Deliver great value and education while

  • Look and sound your best on the in person and virtual stage

Public speaking is the fastest way to impact audiences.

You want something different for yourself, family and life. 

You’r tired of punching a clock. You want to build your business, your way from where ever you happen to be living or visiting. 

And you’re frustrated with all the noise on what to do…..when all you really want is real results you can have with ease and on repeat!

I’ve been where you are. I want you to know and understand that it’s possible for you to have everything you want: impact, flexibility, and profit. I left my successful corporate medical device job for something more. With no business plan or marketing skills but a deep desire to make it. I can help you do the same. 

My coaching style is a blend of coaching and consulting. Because you want results and to move forward and not dwell on where all those limiting belief came from in your childhood.

I also use brain based science in my coaching and in crafting your speeches, so that you understand more about yourself, audiences, and how how to subconsciously tap into the real desired identity of your prospects.

Still interested…..keep reading….

Here's a glimpse of the results my clients experience:

  • Nailed their niche and unique process to stand out in their busy industry

  • 300% increase in revenue

  • Booked out for 2 years

  • Featured and interviewed on TV

  • Built a profitable business while being a mom first and working only 15 hr/wk

  • Monthly recurring revenue membership site with predictable income

  • Started their new coaching businesses with ease and profitable results 

  • Booked 3 new clients in one morning 

  • Earned an extra $4,200 on their very next sales call

  • Hired by a publisher to write a book on her expertise

  • Guest expert appearances

  • Gave their first presentation with confidence

  • Overcame their shyness to get visible and attract leads

  • Landed their first paid speaking job after one coaching session

  • Launching with ease while doing it their unique authentic way

  • Got visible by picking a platform that works for their lifestyle and business model

  • Communicate effectively what they do and who they work with to draw in the perfect clients

  • Amazon best sellers

  • Brought their existing business online for more ease and more profits

  • Replaced their corporate income 3 months after leaving their successful position

  • (Your results here!)

Trupti went from so many ideas to delivering a TED talk with precision and confidence

Dr. Barbara de la Torre has more bookings and clients every time she steps off the stage


Jeremy delivered a 10 min presentation and walked away with a $15,000 client

Here's what sets my program apart:

Brain Science

Think 10X Mindset when you learn how your highly sophisticated computer works you can build mountains. Starting, building or scaling your business requires your mindset to be rock solid. The stronger your mindset, the stronger your business foundation. Together we’ll crush all those annoying limiting beliefs and blocks that show up along the way and and make success your new habit.

• Audience Behavior

Understanding how to have your audience on the edge of their seat, and saying yes to the next step to working and learning from you is how we convert audience attendees into paying clients.

• Storytelling

This is your secret weapon to being entertaining while sharing your expertise. You'll find the perfect stories, connect the lessons your audience needs to drive home your message. You'll also learn to tell the right stories that tap into the unspoken objections your prospects are feeling or believe in.

• Marketing 

Together we’ll create a marketing plan that feels good for you, fits your life and isn’t overwhelming by reaching out to the right people to open the door to having a conversation about how you can help their customers, association members, organization, etc.

• Platform

Where do you want to shine? No more exhaustion from being on every platform. Which feels right for you, your personality and business. I’ll make it easy and fun to get seen by your ideal clients.

• Framework 

I’ve built successful business before and I have that bird-eye view of your business. I’ll show you the business behind the curtain of the speaking world. You'll learn how to leverage each opportunity into so many more.

• Efficiency

No more recreating the wheel and rewriting speeches and stories for each event. I’ll show you my process for reusing, repurposing and recycling everything you do from now on.

• Sales and offers

Selling can feel awkward in the beginning. It’s a muscle that needs to be strengthened. You learn exactly what to be asking before, during and after each engagement to look like a pro right from the get-go. I’ll show you how to make selling feel like an effortless conversation by aligning to your values and make offers others can’t refuse. 

• Confidence & Experience

I’ve built  3 successful businesses since leaving my corporate job. I combine my experience in coaching high level executives, obsession in growing businesses and leveraging visbility. I know I’m the best coach you can hire, who has your back and I'll guide you every step of the way.

These are the 3 pillars to our work together...

Brain Science

Leverage how your brain work and step into the confident speaker. Learn how to tap into the desires of your audience and overcome their objections with Subconscious Storytelling.


Set your business up from the get go to scale effortlessly without the bro marketing but more ease and fun. That’s the perfect formula for a profitable business giving you more time for other things in your life.


Get ready for support and accountability to help you every step of the way. I’ll encourage you to celebrate the small wins and big wins. Reprogram your brain to celebrate the small wins always leads to big wins.

Here's what's included in your mentorship:

• (12) 50-minute coaching calls that are tailored to your business goals and challenges

• Private Voxer access to me for unlimited messaging support, on-demand advice, micro coaching, and confidence boosts

• Actionable assignments, and quick win challenges to help you progress in between sessions and implement what you learn

• Expert guidance and personalized feedback on your stories, presentation, and business

• Consultation with a marketing expert, who has over 30 years of experience on your side

• Templates and resources


6 monthly payments of $2,000 or $11,400 (paid in full)

Due to the 6-month duration and high level 1:1 support offered with my coaching container, spots are limited.

Interested in working 1:1 with me?

Book a call to learn more about my coaching program. 

We’ll discuss your goals and business. I’ll answer all of your questions and determine if you’d be a good fit for one of my high touch containers. 

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