PUBLIC SPEAKING will have you standing out in any busy industry

I'm Laurie-Ann, a Speaking Coach to help you get visible

I'm also an award-winning speaker and 2x bestselling author. As a reformed painfully shy gal, I help entrepreneurs like you turn speaking opportunities into more clients, cash, and clout.

Marketing and sales weren't my natural talents. I dreaded networking events and felt awkward on stage. But I craved making an impact.

I had a choice - keep hiding from the spotlight and hope my turn would come, or believe in myself.

So I followed the advice from the book, The Magic of Thinking Big - if I didn't believe in me, why would anyone else?

Today I empower entrepreneurs to write compelling speeches, leverage their stories, and present with confidence. My proven system turns every presentation into a marketing magnet for attracting your ideal clients.

Let me help you move from fear to freedom on the stage, and build a business you love through the power of strategic speaking.

The first time I got on a stage, I was no pro...

But I also wasn’t competing for attention on a noisy online platform.

I saw the ROI instantly. Audience members genuinely connected with my message and approached me after my talks to learn more about my coaching programs. And soon other women in my network took notice, asking me if I could show them how to grow their business with speaking.

I couldn’t believe how easy it was to connect from the stage. I was hooked. And that’s when I realized building your business the slow and hard way is ONE way…but it’s not the only way

After speaking became my prime marketing tool,

I was able to replace my corporate salary within 3 months of starting my leadership consultancy practice.

I couldn’t believe it, but clients were coming to me. There was no fumbling through sales calls or posting to social media 20x a day hoping for a fleeting like or comment.

I was even invited to speak on international stages as the go-to expert and sell my books, products, and programs on site.

And best of all? Selling from the stage felt fun and rewarding, not awkward or pushy.

That’s kind of a big deal when you consider the fact that up until my late 20s, I could barely make eye contact with someone when I was talking to them. (True story.)

So if I learned how to own the stage...I know you can, too.

You can leave your audience with tingly goosebumps after a tantalizing close and inspire people to line up and ask if you’re taking private clients.

You can package your smarts, your story, and your signature style into a magnetic message that literally sells your products and services for you.

You can become that industry influencer who people look up to as a respected leader and mentor — and get requests for interviews, collaborations, and speaking opportunities that you never dreamed possible.

The bottom line: After spending years struggling to peel my eyes off the floor, I earned the right to apply to the prestigious National Speakers Association. And I don’t say that to brag, but to prove to you that even if you’re a shy introvert like me, speaking is a learned skill that anyone can master.

"Laurie-Ann, you have brought out the best in me and I am confident that you will continue to move me into the direction of growth, beyond where I ever thought possible. Thank you a million times over for having and showing me the confidence I have to succeed!"


President of Leap Eco Solutions, LLC

“When I started working with Laurie-Ann, I was lost as to what exactly I needed to do to meet my lofty goals. I had no real sales process set up and she taught me her easy and effective sales strategies. My calendar is now wonderfully full!”  


Mindfulness Coach 

All you need is someone

to show you how the public speaking world works.

So if you want to:

  • Craft talks that compel, captivate, and convert your audience

  • Sell in a way that feels natural, genuine, and effortless

  • Find more lucrative speaking gigs, make an irresistible pitch, and get booked fast

  • Close every presentation feeling #nailedit, so you can command higher speaking rates

  • Rack up more sales and influencer opportunities post-presentation

  • Dial up your speaking confidence, from live streams to live stages

  • Get paid to jet-set, stay at swanky hotels, and speak all over the world

…then one of my programs can give you the tools, skills, and support you need to join the influencer ranks and get paid to share your expertise.

Fun facts you’d learn about me over a latte:

  • Wendy and Mittens, I'm obsessed with my two feral cats

  • You can find me cycling with my 79-year-old father and he kicks my butt ALL the time

  • 1st place in a smiling contest on TV and the prize was a stash of candy (apparently they don’t want you to win 2 years in a row?)

  • Lived in Japan when I was 13 and attended an all-girls school where I actually took old-school etiquette classes

  • My dream team would include Olivia Pope from Scandal and Beth Pearson from This is Us for their strength, style, and sophistication

  • There's a woo-woo side of me with the crystals to prove it

  • I can rock a pantsuit, but I’d rather be chilling in my garden wearing flip-flops

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For customer service, please contact

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