"Working privately with Laurie-Ann helped me go from blah to voila. My business had been losing money since I started 5 years ago. Working with Laurie-Ann taught me how to get booked, put a speech together, and make an offer without sounding like a used car salesman.

After my first 30-min presentation, I walked away with 3 new clients and was referred to 2 other groups to speak."


Image Consultant

"I had no sales process for my business, but after just one private session with Laurie-Ann, I signed on a client using the new sales process Laurie-Ann designed for me. I made $4,200 on my very next Discovery Sales call. That’s a huge ROI on my investment with Laurie-Ann.”


Child Behaviorist

I got my first PAID speaking event in only 7 DAYS! I was blown away by Laurie-Ann and her knowledge & insight how I could incorporate speaking into my business. Her pointers on how to begin and end a presentation are life changing! She gave specific feedback on my niche and how to simplify the Speaking tab on my website to serve potential clients better. Thank you so much Laurie-Ann. You are AMAZING!"


Intuitive Relationship & Alignment Expert

"I met Laurie-Ann at a live workshop she offered. I hired her when I only had 16 hours to work on my business because I wanted to be there for my 2 boys.

She gave me the courage and know how to have my first course which turned into a second and a membership site."


CEO of Great Brooks Media

"I had a 300% increase in my income and got fully booked for 2 years out

while working with Laurie Ann. She is positive, supportive, and offers a clear perspective on the complicated landscape of entrepreneurship. Her energy and enthusiasm are infectious, and she leverages your career to new levels of success!"


Coach, Speaker

"Because of hiring Laurie-Ann as my coach, I have changed my life entirely. I’ve moved to a different country, changed careers and took exhilarating chances. The results are that I’ve doubled my salary, saving for retirement, taking vacations to destinations I have never been to and working in a new challenging position. I continue to make baby and bold steps in the pursuit of my dreams."


Royal Bank of Canada, Canada

"People have asked, 'Amy, you’re a coach, why would you need to hire Laurie-Ann?' The quick answer is, coaches need coaches to keep growing. At a chance meeting, Laurie-Ann. immediately broke through a stopping point for me—writing my first book. She asked the right questions, found my pain, and pushed me past this stage of hesitancy. I hired her on the spot! Laurie-Ann’s ability to offer immediate and challenge-driven strategies helped me reach my six month goal to publish my first book. I was also in need of direction when it came to up-leveling and accelerating my goal to one day become a world-class in-demand speaker. While working with L.A.

I successfully booked three consecutive speaking engagements using the persuasive marketing tools she includes as a bonus to her sessions. This proves that with the right coaching, movement happens. If your career is stalled or you haven’t yet taken those higher level steps to become the speaker others will respect and hire, L.A. is the coach for you. I will be working with her again, with a goal to attract the audiences most suitable for my content, and to help fill my calendar!"


High Performance Coach

"Laurie-Ann, you have brought out the best in me and I am confident that you will continue to move me into the direction of growth, beyond where I ever thought possible. Thank you a million times over for having and showing me the confidence I have to succeed!"


President of Leap Eco Solutions, LLC

"Laurie-Ann is an excellent coach! She was my leadership executive coach while in the military. Her guidance and expertise helped my first book become my first Amazon Best Seller. I’ve used her process 3X now and one of my books is being considered for a motion picture."


Ret Air Force, 3X Amazon Best Selling Aviation Thriller Books 

"Knowing you have a message and actually having the tools to put a speech together are two separate things.  I hired Laurie-Ann to help me develop a speech for an event I was receiving a prestigious award for.  Her simple tips and methods helped me harness the words and message that had been inside me for years in such a way as to deliver a meaningful and powerful speech.  Without a shadow of a doubt, I would highly recommend anyone wanting to grow their business, spread their message, and learn to be comfortable on stages of all sizes to work with Laurie-Ann. Your goals will be achieved!"


Coach & Direct Sales Rep

“I’ve just finished my first coaching call with Laurie-Ann and got BUCKET LOADS out of it. Laurie-Ann helped me cut through my current hang-ups and find my feet on a path that feels right for me. She asked me for 2 key things I got out of the call… I got so much value that limiting it to 2 was impossible!”


Business and Life Alignment Coach

"I think you are an incredible mentor and those that have the great honor to have you as a coach, will grow more than they ever imagined. The world needs more leaders like you!"


Business Owner

“Laurie-Ann’s advice is straightforward, actionable, and no-nonsense.  I loved when she said, “If you’re gonna be there – might as well be there for a keynote AND breakout session.” Her “open the door” approach to pitching yourself and having conversations with meeting planners is brilliant.”  



“Laurie-Ann put into perspective how much I should be charging for my services. She was the guest expert in my mastermind and she shared so many gold nuggets on how to break into the speaking world and how speaking is the most efficient form of marketing.” 



“Thank you so much for your generosity and sharing so transparently in the masterclass. I’ve already implemented some of the tips you mentioned. I feel more confident now after hearing your simple and effective pieces of advice.”


“When I started working with Laurie-Ann, I was lost as to what exactly I needed to do to meet my lofty goals. I had no real sales process set up and she taught me her easy and effective sales strategies. My calendar is now wonderfully full!”  


Mindfulness Coach 

“Hey Laurie Ann! I really enjoyed your presentation. It was 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥!!!  One of my takeaways was the questions to ask the meeting planner, so that I  look and sound like an experienced speaker. There was so much I learned, I took so many notes.”


“I hired Laurie-Ann to help me prepare for my first ever speaking gig and I am so glad I did! Laurie-Ann provided me with the structure I needed to write a compelling and engaging speech as well as helped me generate the ideas to do that based on my specific audience. As a result of her guidance and support, I was able to develop and deliver a captivating speech in a way that made me look like a pro even though I was just a beginner. I am so grateful I chose to ask for her support!”


Career Coach

"If you're looking to be a speaker and craft your talks….if you’re looking to boost your confidence….if you're wanting to be more visible on stage with different talks but not sure how to begin… Laurie-Ann can help. She is able to see the different parts of your story and what you have to say and will help you craft it into something you’ll be proud of and help you grow your business and impact from each presentation." 


The Sassy Wealth Coach

"Laurie Ann is the BEST at what she does! She has the experience, knowledge, and personality to help you get on stage! After working with her, I feel I have a clear message and process to share anytime I'm asked to speak. Highly recommend!"


Joe Sova Training


"Laurie-Ann has been a guest speaker to my year long Bali Mastermind twice. We'll be using her again in the future and I've referred her to my clients as a resource."



"WOW! Captivating and relevant to our professional and personal lives. We found Laurie-Ann’s delivery entertaining and engaging. Her stories are personal yet universal and easily relatable. We were honored to host a speaker of her caliber and clout. I recommend Laurie-Ann to anyone looking to inspire and change.”


President, Business & Professional Women NH

"Laurie-Ann’s presentation was beneficial to every person in the audience. Her high energy and enthusiasm about her topic is contagious and everyone could relate to her stories, which drove home the learning. We booked her for other chapters of our professional organization."


Business of Professional Women, Regional Conference

"We needed to change the way we were managing business and personal relationships to increase our productivity and see our business and market place from a different perspective. Laurie-Ann Murabito provided us with the guidance and process to achieve our goal."

Pete Bagley

CEO, Sage Index

"I, myself, am a professional speaker and coach. I have benefited from knowing and attending Laurie-Ann’s workshops. She inspires me to be even more inspirational, especially when I need a little boost."


Professional Speaker

"Laurie-Ann needs to be on your professional bucket list"


CEO & Founder Crix

"We found Laurie-Ann professional, motivating, talented, knowledgeable, and humorous. The feedback that I received was extremely positive. They found her presentation, Leadership is the Difference, uplifting, motivating, and fun."


Quality Control Inspector

"Unbelievable! I’ve never received more positive comments from one speaker than I did after having Laurie-Ann as our keynote speaker for the morning and afternoon programs. She is the professional speaker in all sense of the word. She made our conference top notch!"


Haverhill Chamber Of Commerce

"Thank you for the inspiring, easy to implement presentation today. As the responsible person for finding speaker, Laurie-Ann made me look good! We can hardly wait for you to return and teach us more."


Rotary International

"Laurie-Ann spoke to our financial advisors to address our career and leadership skills. She arrived early to get acquainted with her audience and listen in on our meeting. She is an inspiring, knowledgeable and enjoyable speaker who easily engaged the audience. She incorporated her personal stories to make the lessons more relevant."


Baystate Financial Services

"Your presentation was outstanding! You exceeded all my expectations. You have a great way of presenting leadership and emotional intelligence. I’ve been teaching a long time and I was extremely impressed. Your theories and ideas were exactly what I needed to complement everything I had been covering this semester."


Professor Boston University

"Laurie-Ann’s keynote was insightful, motivating and thought-provoking. Her message was delivered in a crisp and professional manner which kept the attention of our members throughout. I recommend Laurie-Ann highly as a speaker."


Senior VP, Enterprise Bank

"I've heard nothing but wonderful comments about Laurie-Ann after our NAM Conference. The audience was hooked from your first story, which showed us you knew and understand our business. Thank you!"


Bankers Life and Casualty

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