Ready for...

  • MORE Clients

  • MORE Opportunities

  • MORE Recognition

Let us position you as the "Expert"

Start telling your story to a group of people who are the ideal clients you want to work with.

Become that one in the front of the room and being seen as an authority in your industry making a difference.

How do we help you accomplish your goals? By working with you to create a presentation that's Compelling, Captivating, and Converting, so that your audience Raves, Remembers, and Refers you.

After all, clients hire EXPERTS!

"Using Laurie-Ann's In Demand Signature Speech methodology at a networking event, I stepped off the stage to 26 paid speaking events which is equal to almost $26K!"


Children's Nutrition Advocate, Keynote Speaker

"The first time I used my speech at a business conference,

3 people handed me their business cards requesting I speak at their next meeting. That's the spin off business and result you can expect from working with Laurie-Ann."

Joe Sova

CEO of Joe Sova Training Company

“It only took 7 DAYS to get my first PAID SPEAKING BOOKING! I was blown away by Laurie-Ann's knowledge & insight how I could incorporate speaking into my business. Thank you so much Laurie-Ann. You are AMAZING!"


Intuitive Relationship & Alignment Expert

Are you ready for...

  • More clients by learning how to communicate with clarity and charisma…

  • More opportunities when you share your story and presentation to audiences of your ideal clients

  • More recognition when you're seen as a person of authority

We’ll work with you to package your story, solution, and expertise into a message that connects with the audience and builds your authority to get the recognition you deserve.


Have you heard that little voice inside of you saying,


“There’s got to be a better way!” 

Well there is! I left my corporate job because I was lonely, feeling unfulfilled and had gone as far as I wanted.

Saying “saiyonara” with no business plan but a dream in my heart.

It’s the perfect time to start and build your business that uses your talents and skills, while living the kind of life you want, on your terms. And having a fully booked out profitable business that grows with ease is not a dream.


It can be your reality too!

Here's how we help you...


You know visibility is the street to dreamy clients-ville but you’re new or have a shy streak. Ready to get out of your own way and seen with ease? Grab this resource with 5 steps to help you get noticed today.


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Grow and market your business from the in-person and virtual platform. From interactive and hands-on workshops to inspiring keynotes. Craft a presentation your audience will rave about, remember and refer you for!